The future of HIV services in England: Conference and report launch

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About this event

This free to attend conference shared the findings of our report into the opportunities and risks facing HIV services in England.

The event provided an opportunity to reflect on our findings and consider what practical actions can be taken within HIV services and national bodies to further progress on preventing HIV and improving services for people living with HIV.


HIV policy successes to date

The Rt Hon the Lord Fowler, Lord Speaker, House of Lords

Achievements in managing and preventing HIV

  • Professor Kevin Fenton, National Director for Health and Wellbeing, Public Health England

Future risks and opportunities for HIV services

  • Professor Jane Anderson, Visiting Fellow, The King's Fund

Combination HIV Prevention

  • Dr Anthony Nardone, HPRU Co-Director, Public Health England

Perspectives on Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

  • Dr Mags Portman, Consultant for Sexual Health and HIV, Central North West London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Will Nutland, Founder, Prepster and Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Chemsex and HIV Prevention: taking a partnership approach

  • Monty Moncrieff, Chief Executive, London Friend

A community HIV service in partnership

  • Anna Bamford, Clinical Service Manager HIV, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Lawson unit: leading HIV care for Brighton

  • Eileen Nixon, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust

HIV services in Northumberland

  • Jan Meechan, Specialist Nurse HIV, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Yorkshire and Humber specialised commissioning: HIV services

  • Sharon Hodgson, Local Services Specialist, NHS England

What is the impact of having UK-CAB representatives on guideline writing committees and academic or clinical research boards?

  • Laura Kwardem, Peer Researcher, UK-CAB

Engaging women living with HIV in research: the PRIME study

  • Shema Tariq, Clinical Research Fellow and Honoray Consultant HIV Physician, University College London

Developing a national network of mentor mothers to support women living with HIV through pregnancy

  • Rebecca Mbewe, Mentor Mother, The Salamander Trust

So what is coproduction and why should NHS providers be doing it?

  • Marin Morgan, West London Collaborative

The Hertfordshire experience: place-based approaches to HIV

  • Jim McManus, Director of Public Health, Hertfordshire County Council

Working across London's local authorities to deliver prevention

  • Paul Steinberg, Lead Commissioner/Programme Manager, London HIV Prevention Programme

Working across London's local authorities to deliver prevention

  • Selena Gray, Deputy Postgraduate Dean, Health Education England

Implementing the future of HIV services

  • Deborah Gold, Chief Executive, National AIDS Trust

Involving and empowering people living with HIV

  • Winnie Sseruma, London HIV Prevention Program Evaluation Advisory Committee, UK-CAB

Closing remarks: the future of HIV services

  • Professor Chloe Orkin, Chair, British HIV Association and Consultant Physician, Royal London Hospital

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