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Digital transformation and Covid-19: implementing quality standards and solutions

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Unprecedented levels of change have taken place in the design, service and delivery of health care services in the space of months. Covid-19 has upended our understanding of good, quality care, with many barriers removed instantly and new ideas deemed too radical a couple of months ago, becoming our ‘new normal’.

This new reality, with the essential limitations on physical contact has resulted in digital solutions taking centre stage in tackling the pandemic, providing care and ensuring continuity of care for patients across the country.

In this event, we examined the insights our current reality teaches us about how we have delivered digital health in the past. Were some of the barriers safeguards of quality standards and patient safety benchmarks? Are there reasons to be worried about the speed of transformation? And how can we ensure that we keep the good changes and mitigate the negative?

We discussed: 

  • what an inclusive, person-centred digital revolution would look like for the NHS and social care

  • the standards from before the pandemic and what the gains from this rapid transformation should consolidate

  • what this transformation will mean for people and staff on the ground.

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  • Pritesh Mistry photo

    Pritesh Mistry

    Fellow, Digital Technologies
  • Tina Marshall photo

    Tina Marshall

    UK Country Manager, Visiba Care
  • Harpreet Sood photo

    Dr Harpreet Sood

    Board Member, Health Education England
  • Michael Oliver photo

    Michael Oliver

    Project Support Officer, Livewell Southwest
  • Professor Anbananden Soopramanien photo

    Professor Anbananden Soopramanien

    Group Medical Director, Renovo Care
  • Victoria Holton photo

    Victoria Holton

    Patient Representative