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Using digital solutions to transform the delivery of care

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Clinical practice requires trust and flow of communication not only between patient and clinician, but also among staff working in different pockets of the system, with the aim of providing the best possible care for each person. Covid-19 has tested our collective understanding of patient–clinician relationships, transforming them, overnight, into remote, online ones, while also fundamentally changing the ways staff work across health and care, with digital co-operation often fully replacing face-to-face collaboration.

It’s been a year since digital delivery became the only available way for many staff to undertake clinical work during the pandemic, what can we learn from the nature of relationships as they evolved into digital ones?

In this online event, we looked at how using inhalers remotely has challenged clinicians, patients and colleagues, and discussed what this means about the nature of delivering health and care services, as Covid-19 reshapes our understanding and experience of the human element in health and care and our increasingly greater co-existence with digital technologies.

The event is intended for health care professionals, policy-makers, those with an interest in respiratory and digital health care. GSK sponsored the delivery of, and had input to the agenda of, this event.

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  • Shakeela Riaz photo

    Shakeela Riaz

     Patient representative, Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS)
  • A headshot of Mark Doughty

    Mark Doughty

    Senior Consultant
  • Andrea Lever photo

    Andrea Lever

    UK Associate Medical Director, GSK
  • Andrew Cumella photo

    Andrew Cumella

    Senior Analyst, Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership
  • "Default Staff Avatar"

    Danielle Reesby

    Assistant Practitioner, Marsh Medical Practice, Lincolnshire