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The courage of compassion

Transforming nurses’ and midwives’ working environments to enable them to flourish

Free event
This is a past event, catch up below

How can we better support nurses and midwives to flourish and thrive in their work? In this free online event we discussed the changes needed to empower nurses and midwives to shape and provide the compassionate, high-quality care that they aspire to in a sustainable way – through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. 

The conversation explored:  

  • workplace stressors, work conditions and ways of working – including workload, shift patterns and supervision – that have an impact on nurse and midwife wellbeing, and how these can be positively transformed

  • organisational cultures and leadership styles – including those around diversity and inclusion, psychological safety and compassionate leadership at all levels – that need to be cultivated, and how progress can be achieved

  • lessons and examples of good practice from across the health and care system, from both before and during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Event partner


  • Richard Murray photo

    Richard Murray

    Former Chief Executive
  • Michael West photo

    Michael West

    Visiting Fellow
  • Charlotte McArdle logo

    Professor Charlotte McArdle

    Chief Nursing Officer for Northern Ireland, Department of Health
  • Wendy Leighton Photo

    Wendy Leighton

    Project Manager - Regulated Professional Workforce, Skills for Care
  • Jess Sainsbury Photo

    Jess Sainsbury

    Community Mental Health Nurse and Developing Educator in Practice, Solent NHS Trust
  • Laura Serrant photo

    Professor Laura Serrant

    Head of Nursing and Professor of Community and Public Health Nursing in the Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University