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Emerging clinical leaders programme

The challenges for leaders in the current NHS have never been greater. The demands for greater efficiency alongside unprecedented levels of change and low staff morale mean that emerging leaders will need to lead in a different way.

We know that leadership development is more effective when shared with colleagues from other disciplines. For this reason we are inviting emerging clinical and medical leaders to join together in an inspiring programme to learn about yourself, your impact on others and the system in which you lead.

Who is it for?

This programme is suitable for clinicians from all professional backgrounds, including:

  • specialist trainee doctors and junior consultants
  • senior and lead allied health professionals
  • senior nurses and ward managers
  • clinicians in local authorities
  • clinicians in the private sector.

Why this programme?

How will you benefit from this programme?

This programme will:

  • help you to become aware of your own leadership style
  • explore resilience and how it influences your own personal effectiveness and relationships with others
  • enable you to develop and lead a sustainable and compassionate culture
  • support you to become an excellent leader who understands the values of patient-centred care and your personal responsibility to promote safe, high-quality care
  • strengthen your ability to navigate a system that increasingly relies on collective leadership and team work.

What will you do on this programme?

This programme draws on experiential methods and a range of tools and models. It provides opportunities to develop your leadership skills within a multi-professional community. The programme focuses on three main themes:

  • You as a leader
    The programme begins by considering the impact your leadership style has on others, exploring your self-efficacy and resilience.
  • You in relation to others
    We will explore how you form relationships at an interpersonal level, the effect this has on patient care and how you can draw on the contribution of others to the team and service.
  • You in the system, drawing on our Time To Think Differently programme
    We help you to consider the future health and social care system and the challenge this presents to you as a leader. This will include thinking differently about how patients are cared for, the environments in which care will be delivered and the impact of the increasing involvement of the patient.

Programme team


Durka Dougall

Senior Consultant, Leadership and organisational development


Matthew Rice

Senior Consultant, Leadership and organisational development

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