If the NHS is in crisis, why is public satisfaction so high?

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Stevie Gee

NHS hospital
Comment date
30 March 2017
The people of the UK have Stockholm syndrome. They do not realise how bad care is when compared to other comparable countries even when the data are shouted from the rooftops.

All they care about is that the NHS is 'free'. It isn't and standards are appalling. Everyone who can afford it and wants to look after their family should now get private healthcare. We are at that point now.

John Wardman

Comment date
31 March 2017
It is a disgrace your organisation approves of the STP. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Watch the news this weekend as 14 communities across Devon put redlines round their hospital to show they will not stand for any cuts to any health services in our county!


Independent Volunteer,
Comment date
31 March 2017
I often puzzle at how many who praise 'private' provision in education, health services, etc and denigrate those which are free @ the point of need are also those who have been educated and trained via those public services. During those periods as students, they have benefited from the free use of bodies and brains on which to practice. Perhaps like their places of education we patients should now start charging for our services?
So many of these supporters of the 'private' domain are however more than content to earn their (main) income from that selfsame despised public service.
Is this altruism writ large or Cognitive Dissonance?

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