Nicholas Timmins

Senior Fellow, Policy

Nicholas Timmins, former public policy commentator at the Financial Times, is working part-time at The King's Fund on a range of policy projects. He has led a joint piece of work with the Institute for Government using the NHS reforms as a case study of policy making in coalition government.

Between 1996 and 2011, Nicholas was Public Policy Editor at the Financial Times. He has written extensively on public and private health care over the years and has worked with The King's Fund on a number of reports, including the recent Commission on Leadership and Management in the NHS.

Nicholas is also the author of The Five Giants: A Biography of the Welfare State, a senior fellow at the Institute for Government, a senior associate of the Nuffield Trust, and a visiting professor in public management at King's College London. He was president of the Social Policy Association between 2008-11.

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