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Toby Lewis

Toby Lewis

Former Policy Senior Fellow

Toby has left The King's Fund.

Toby undertook research and policy analysis at The King’s Fund, focused on health inequalities and poverty. He contributed to The King’s Fund’s work on integrated care and health system reform, and has a particular interest in how the NHS can contribute to local regeneration and to changing disparities of outcome.

Before joining The King's Fund, Toby worked in the health services for more than 25 years at an operational level in mental health, primary care and hospital services. He has held director roles across University College London Hospital, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Bart’s Health NHS Trust, and was Chief Executive of Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals until 2021. He worked in the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit from 2003–5, graduated from the Fund’s Top Manager programme in 2004, and holds degrees from the University of Oxford and the University of London.