Talent management

Developing leadership not just leaders
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In light of the high number of board-level vacancies in the NHS and an increasing reliance on expensive locum and agency staff, NHS organisations need to have effective strategies in place to develop future leaders. This paper helps boards and other NHS leaders to decide which processes and systems need to be in place to support the recruitment, development, retention and deployment of an agile workforce.
Talent management - developing leadership not just leaders

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Key messages

An effective talent management strategy needs to focus on four areas:

  • recruiting the right staff to meet not only the organisation’s current needs but also its future needs
  • retaining and developing staff by valuing their contribution and encouraging personal growth
  • deploying talent effectively by providing stretch opportunities and rotating leadership roles
  • succession planning to identify critical roles and consider how internal candidates might fill these when a vacancy arises.

How can we help?

The King’s Fund has a wealth of experience in working with NHS organisations and can support you in developing your leadership pipeline. Our key areas of work are: collective leadership; system leadership; medical leadership; and leadership development open programmes.

For further information about our programmes please call 020 7307 2650 or email leadership@kingsfund.org.uk for an informal chat with one of our leadership consultants.

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#543967 Mark BRANTON
Finance & Admin Officer
Soon to close Yorkshire & Humber Comm.Support

I am very interested to develop my core skill-set, it is finding a path to follow that will see me in good stead for the next 15 years.
Sometimes bags of enthusiasm does not provide sound business solutions.
I hope you can stear me in the right direction.
Mark Branton

#544019 Dr patrick coyne

Excellent report. Worth looking at the job rotation website for research on this organisational tool and the action research projects undertaken.


It also references other related kings fund documents.


#544434 M.a. Branton
Maple Dreams

Can not find workrotation.com site?

#545809 Dr. Coyne
Consultant Nurse

website for job rotation models and research



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