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Helen Mckenna

The consequences of living within your means

The Department of Health's annual accounts, published last week, were further evidence of the increasingly serious financial crisis facing the NHS. Helen McKenna considers the outlook as measures are put in place to restore financial control.
A common cause: working towards collaboration

A common cause: working towards collaboration

Patrick Hall considers the steps being taken towards a more collaborative culture across the social care system.
The NHS if

The NHS if

A new collection of essays exploring hypothetical scenarios for the future of health and care.
Sarah Massie

Talking leadership: Sarah Massie on developing compassionate leadership through mindfulness

Sarah Massie explains why compassion and mindfulness are essential practices for leaders working in complex NHS systems.

A new future for social care?

Good practice approaches to meeting care and support needs
Watch presentations from our event which discussed how the social care sector can respond positively to the challenges now and in the future.
Past event
John Appleby

Wellbeing and being well

In this article for the British Medical Journal, John Appleby looks at the correlation between health and happiness.