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The Autumn Statement

The King's Fund's written briefing in advance of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement to parliament, calling for an additional £2 billion in funding for the NHS to prevent a financial crisis in 2015/16.
Candace Imison

The reconfiguration of clinical services is an important but insufficient approach

Our research highlights major gaps in the evidence for the reconfiguration of clinical services.
The reconfiguration of clinical services - What is the evidence?

The reconfiguration of clinical services

What is the evidence?
Catherine Foot

Power to the people

The case for change is clear; a system that listens to patients and enables them to achieve what they want to achieve in their health and wellbeing would improve outcomes and save money. But such systems still exist only in pockets around the country.
Bev Fitzsimons

Stories and numbers: there is room for both in understanding patients’ experience

If we are seeking to truly understand health care, it is not numbers or stories, but numbers and stories that are needed, says Bev Fitzsimons.
Robert Francis

Catherine Foot in conversation with Robert Francis

Catherine Foot interviews Sir Robert Francis QC at the transforming patient and staff experience conference on 5 November 2014.