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Developing a proposal for a transformation fund to sustain the future of the NHS

The King’s Fund and The Health Foundation have called for a properly resourced ’transformation fund’ to support change in the NHS.
A transformation fund for the NHS

A transformation fund for the NHS

Over the coming months The King’s Fund and The Health Foundation will be exploring the concept of a transformation fund. How big does such a fund need to be? And how should it be spent so that it supports real change at scale across the NHS?
John Appleby

The public’s view of which treatments should be available on the NHS

It's hard to disagree with the principle that both costs and effects of treatments need to be weighed in order to make decisions about improving value for money and productivity. For a majority of the public however, this is not a principle they hold.
Trust medical directors infographic

Women and medical leadership infographics

We explore some key facts and figures around women and medical leadership.
Rachael Addicott

Contracting for integrated care – what happens once the ink is dry?

Commissioners, providers and policy-makers are showing a lot of interest in new contracting models currently being implemented. However, the contract is often seen as an end in itself rather than a tool for encouraging new ways of working.

Urgent and emergency care mythbusters

Pressures on urgent and emergency care have been the focus of much media and political debate – but what is really happening? We examine – and debunk – some of the myths that have been generated in the debate so far.
Ayesha Janjua

What impact are senior leadership vacancies having on the already financially troubled NHS?

To deliver high-quality, compassionate care one, often overlooked, part of the equation is how to identify, recruit and retain the current and future senior leaders needed to take on this leadership challenge.