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Professor Chris Ham

What Devo Manc could mean for health, social care and wellbeing in Greater Manchester

Last week’s announcement of plans to devolve responsibility for health and social care to statutory organisations in Greater Manchester is a bold initiative that could bring substantial benefits if implemented well.

Has the government put mental health on an equal footing with physical health?

Some specific achievements have been made in recent years. However, the increased attention now being placed on mental health has come late in the parliament, and there remains a gap between rhetoric and reality.
Leadership and leadership development in health care - The evidence base | by Kirsten Armit, Dr Lola Loewenthal, Dr Regina Eckert, Thomas West, Allan Lee

Leadership and leadership development in health care

The evidence base
A summary of the evidence about leadership in health care services, published in collaboration with the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management and the Center for Creative Leadership.
Evidence for leadership in health care

Evidence for leadership in health care

In reviewing the evidence base for leadership in health care, Michael West finds that much of what is written is based on fads and fashions rather than hard evidence.
Rebecca Gray

The battle over NHS reform: many shades of grey

While NHS policy debates are increasingly painted only in black and white, shades of grey are often more interesting.
Population health systems front cover

Population health systems

Going beyond integrated care
This paper aims to challenge those involved in integrated care and public health to ‘join up the dots’, seeing integrated care as part of a broader shift away from fragmentation towards an approach focused on improving population health.