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Chris Ham

Beyond the manifestos: prospects for the NHS after the election

What then are we to make of the commitments made by the three main political parties?

Where do the parties stand on health?

Download our round-up of the main five parties' policy pledges on health and social care.

General election 2015 - the health and care debate

Watch the parties debate health and care live
Jeremy Hunt, Andy Burnham, Norman Lamb and Louise Bours debate health and care ahead of the general election. Watch it live online from 11am on Tuesday 21 April.
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Has the government delivered a new era for public health?

The White Paper, Healthy lives, healthy people, published in November 2010, promised ‘a new era for public health, with a higher priority and dedicated resources’. As we reach the end of the government’s five-year term, has this promise been kept?
Reconfiguring NHS services: necessary but fraught with difficulties

Reconfiguring NHS services: necessary but fraught with difficulties

With the NHS facing growing pressures on all fronts, following the general election the next government is likely to begin a new round of NHS service reconfiguration planning. So what are the challenges around service reconfiguration? And what evidence is available to help guide the process?