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David Oliver

Improving hospital discharge and intermediate care for older people

Healthwatch England’s recent report, Safely home, described in harrowing detail the personal stories of patients who felt that their discharge from hospital was unsupported. It also described patients marooned in acute beds unable to move on. So how can older people's care be improved?

Urgent and emergency care

With talks from Keith Willett and Clifford Mann, our conference looked at how the system can change to better manage the rising demand for emergency care.
Past event
Chris Ham

Increased demand for care won’t be addressed by doing more of the same

With the first anniversary of the NHS five year forward view approaching rapidly, how are new care models developing, and what are the prospects for the future?

Bringing together housing and public health

Enabling better health and wellbeing
This conference will explore how to facilitate better joint working between health, housing and social care.
Upcoming event
David Buck

Moving from integrated care to integrated population health systems

While integrating care services is part of the journey to a transformed health system, it is not the destination. Efforts to integrate care have rarely encompassed the broader health of local populations and the impact of the wider determinants of health.
Ruth Robertson

Should we be worried about CCG conflicts of interest?

Are conflicts of interest affecting the services patients receive? Or is this inherent feature of clinical commissioning being managed appropriately through common-sense decision-making?