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  1. Public satisfaction with the NHS in 2015

    Public satisfaction with the NHS and health care 9 Feb 2016

    The King's Fund report on the British Social Attitudes 2015 survey of the public's satisfaction with the NHS and health care issues. By John Appleby and Ruth Robertson

  2. What the planning guidance means for the NHS

    2016/17 and beyond 5 Feb 2016

    Our new briefing considers some of the key publications and policy announcements that have come out in the wake of the 2015 Spending Review and offers a commentary on what they might mean for the future policy landscape.

  3. The digital revolution: eight technologies that will change health and care

    1 Jan 2016

    Cosima Gretton and Matthew Honeyman explore the technologies likely to change health and care over the next few years.

  4. Making the difference

    Diversity and inclusion in the NHS 16 Dec 2015

    Our summary of the findings of an NHS England-commissioned report on diversity and inclusion in the NHS.

  5. Patients' experience of using hospital services

    An analysis of trends in inpatient surveys in NHS acute trusts in England 2005-13 10 Dec 2015

    Our new report looks at the data from inpatient surveys over a nine-year period and discusses what the data tells us about the national picture of care in the NHS and what it reveals about trends for individual trusts over time.

  6. Intentional whole health system redesign

    Southcentral Foundation's 'Nuka' system of care 19 Nov 2015

    Southcentral Foundation's redesign of the health care system in Alaska is widely regarded as one of the most successful examples of its kind in the United States and internationally. What can the English NHS learn from Southcentral's experiences?

  7. Mental health under pressure

    12 Nov 2015

    This briefing paper looks at mental health as a system of care, examining individual pressures within the wider context of provider and commissioner actions.

  8. Place-based systems of care

    A way forward for the NHS in England 12 Nov 2015

    Our new report looks at how NHS organisations can move towards place-based systems of care, in which NHS organisations and services work together to address the challenges they collectively face. The report suggests 10 principles to guide the development of such systems.

  9. Devolution

    What it means for health and social care in England 11 Nov 2015

    This briefing describes the origins of devolution and explores key policy and implementation questions in relation to health and social care.

  10. How is the NHS performing? October 2015

    Quarterly Monitoring Report 22 Oct 2015

    The NHS is now entering seriously dangerous financial territory which will have ramifications for patients and for all levels of NHS management.