17th April 2014
Ayesha Janjua welcomes the CQC's commitment to make understanding culture an important part of its regulatory framework, particularly as culture and leadership are so important to deliver high-quality compassionate care for patients.
16th April 2014 | Comments: 1
The new Department of Health document, Transforming primary care, mostly looks to improve services for those with the most complex needs. But what does it tell us about transforming primary care for the rest of the population?
15th April 2014 | Comments: 2
The last time the NHS fell into deficit it came to many as something of a surprise. This time – going by the responses in our latest quarterly monitoring report – it’s looking rather predictable.
10th April 2014
We don’t need more organisations with the label ‘foundation trust’, we need financial and clinical sustainability in the provider sector, says Candace Imison.
9th April 2014 | Comments: 1
The post-war settlement that created the current divide between health and social care must be replaced. If we duck the hard choices laid out by the Barker commission, then services will progressively deteriorate with patients, users and carers the real losers.
3rd April 2014 | Comments: 2
Kate Barker, Chair of the Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England, introduces the key findings of the commission's interim report and calls for further evidence to consider the funding options.
1st April 2014 | Comments: 2
Simon Stevens takes up his post as Chief Executive of NHS England today, with an inbox that will be full to overflowing. But what are the three issues that demand his immediate attention?
1st April 2014 | Comments: 2
One year ago today, clinical commissioning groups formally took on their statutory responsibility for £65 billion of the NHS budget. So how do individuals in CCGs feel about engagement now?
26th March 2014 | Comments: 3
How do other countries respond to the challenges of funding health and care for an ageing population? Sarah Gregory takes a closer look in her latest blog.
25th March 2014
Diverse teams of health care professionals who have shared collective leadership are absolutely crucial to the leadership of today’s health service says Donna Willis.
20th March 2014 | Comments: 1
Rachael Addicott looks at what we can learn from the Southcentral Foundation's system-wide transformation of care in Alaska.
14th March 2014 | Comments: 10
Vijaya Nath reflects on our latest report on medical revalidation, and considers the effect on doctors going through the process.
13th March 2014 | Comments: 2
Is it time to reassess Public Health England's role? David Buck explains how the organisation could strengthen its position and voice in wider government policy-making and public debate.
12th March 2014 | Comments: 5
With due credit to the hard work of NHS staff and the hours spent on planning, A&E performance this winter is better than it was last year. But why is this? Richard Murray takes a look at the figures in a data blog.
7th March 2014 | Comments: 3
Catherine Foot shares her experience of volunteering at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital – her pledge for this year's NHS Change Day.
6th March 2014 | Comments: 1
David Oliver, the author of our new report on caring for an ageing population, presents the arguments for a whole systems, end-to-end redesign across all services and stages of health for local older populations.
5th March 2014 | Comments: 2
Although all the political parties agree about the importance of integrated care as an end, willing the means to achieve it is another matter, says Richard Humphries.
27th February 2014 | Comments: 1
Jeremy Hunt has asked Sir David Dalton to advise him how to make it easy for NHS 'super-heads' to take over struggling organisations. But will hospital chains work? Candace Imison looks at experience from the UK and abroad.
25th February 2014 | Comments: 3
The three key system leaders on health inequalities – the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England – need to kick-start a national conversation by telling us how they are going to use their power to do their bit.
20th February 2014 | Comments: 9
Following the appointment of Stuart Rose to advise on leadership in the NHS, Chris Ham reflects on whether the NHS can learn any lessons from the way Marks and Spencer operates.