30 July 2015
The rising proportion of operations carried out as day cases over the past few decades has been good for patients and a much more efficient use of NHS resources, says John Appleby.
28 July 2015 | Comments: 1
Lord Carter’s interim report on the productivity of NHS providers includes a new method of comparing operating costs: the Adjusted Treatment Index (ATI). But how will it work, and what does it add?
23 July 2015 | Comments: 7
Vijaya Nath looks at one of the challenges facing NHS leaders – how to get the workforce, particularly clinicians, working in new ways more closely aligned to the changing nature of care.
20 July 2015 | Comments: 6
The government’s decision to breach an explicit manifesto commitment by delaying reforms to social care funding until 2020 again demonstrates the apparent inability of successive governments to make headway on this issue.
17 July 2015 | Comments: 4
The headlines that preceded Jeremy Hunt’s speech at the Fund may have focused on seven-day working, but what he had to say about his approach to reform is likely to be of greater interest to leaders within the NHS.
16 July 2015 | Comments: 1
With health policy announcements coming out almost daily both before and after the election, it’s time to take stock of where we are with NHS waiting times.
13 July 2015 | Comments: 3
Ruth Robertson's blog argues that we need to shift the debate on productivity to focus on delivering better value care for patients.
10 July 2015 | Comments: 3
Care homes have operated in the shadows of public and political awareness for too long, with policy attention focused on reactions to service failure rather than the promotion of good care.
3 July 2015 | Comments: 2
If promised spending increases do not materialise soon, and ministers insist on the NHS regaining control of its finances, then urgent action will be needed, says Chris Ham.
Guest blog
1 July 2015 | Comments: 4
Let the third sector be round the table when plans for communities are being shaped, says our guest blogger Sarah Swindley, Chief Executive of Lancashire Women’s Centres.
25 June 2015 | Comments: 7
The connection between housing conditions and health has a long and well-evidenced historical provenance. But if integrating health and social care is a tough nut to crack, does the prospect of engaging with another massive system risk adding another layer of complexity?
24 June 2015 | Comments: 4
Matthew Honeyman reflects on discussions at our recent Digital Health and Care Congress.
22 June 2015 | Comments: 8
Now more than ever the medical profession needs to demonstrate leadership and to embrace reforms which are good for doctors and for patients, says Chris Ham.
19 June 2015 | Comments: 3
Will drawing on a whole range of information about care quality take us a bit closer to a meaningful understanding of what care is like in practice?
17 June 2015
Leadership isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you behave and what you do – in other words, an attitude not an appearance, says Mandip Kaur.
16 June 2015 | Comments: 4
Chris Ham argues that providers need to work together to form local systems of care, with leadership provided by the most experienced managers and clinicians in the NHS.
15 June 2015 | Comments: 8
Values-driven leadership that comes from prioritising the moral and clinical imperative will win hearts and minds on the front line. But these values need to be strengthened by investing in and building capability in quality improvement and innovation.
12 June 2015 | Comments: 3
It may only be five weeks since the general election, but there has already been a veritable blizzard of announcements coming from the Department of Health and national NHS organisations. So many in fact, that it is no mean feat to step back to make sense of it all.
11 June 2015 | Comments: 2
There is, of course, and always will be, a debate about just what the pay for top public sector posts should be. But that debate should not start with, let alone end at, the Prime Minister’s salary, says Nick Timmins.
9 June 2015 | Comments: 5
Richard Humphries looks at the options for CCGs and local authorities to work together to deliver integrated commissioning of health and social care services.