Don Berwick: improving the safety of patients in England (highlights)

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Don Berwick

Don Berwick, founder and former president of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, presents the findings from his review into patient safety. You can also watch Don's full presentation.

Don Berwick: Improving the safety of patients in England

Don was asked by the Prime Minister to carry out the review following the publication of the Francis report into the breakdown of care at Mid Staffordshire hospitals. His recommendations for the NHS include embracing a culture of learning; placing quality at the top of priorities; making sure patients are present, powerful and involved; using quantitative targets with caution and recognising that transparency is essential.

This event was run by the Department of Health and held at The King's Fund.

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#40772 Cally Harris
Health policy consultant

What Prof Berwick said has been artiulated 10 times over and loads of blue print docs have been produced since 2000 in the British NHS that apparently have been ignored. As with many policies and procedures it all comes down to interpretation and action plans. I am sorry to say that things have not changed much even after the Francis Report - if people come forward there are always ways to shut them up apart from gagging clauses since the system continues to be secretive, hierarchical and insensitive to patients/carers and staff's concerns.

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