Helen Gilburt

Fellow, Policy

Dr Helen Gilburt joined The King’s Fund in 2013 as a Fellow in Health Policy with a particular focus on mental health.

Previously she worked at the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London, where she remains a visiting research fellow. Helen has expertise in health service research and a particular interest in service user involvement, utilising her experience of using mental health services to inform the research she has undertaken. This research includes a national study of alternatives to standard acute inpatient services, implementation of recovery-orientated care in community mental health and a trial of assertive outreach treatment for alcohol dependence.  

Helen holds a PhD in Zoology from the University of Birmingham.

Selected work

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8 Mar 2016 | Publication
12 Nov 2015 | Publication
A Transformation Fund for the NHS
22 Jul 2015 | Publication
The state of involvement
4 Nov 2014 | Publication
A plan of action for London
25 Sep 2014 | Publication
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16 May 2014 | Publication
Lessons from mental health
4 Feb 2014 | Publication