Perspectives on integrated care

Our video interviews showcase the work of a number of organisations in England that are working to implement joined-up care across a health and care system.

The interviews capture different perspectives on the barriers and enablers to joining-up care, and tips for other services that are working to develop integrated care services.

We are working with these sites as part of one of our series of integrated care learning networks, which aim to support communities of NHS, social care, and voluntary sector organisations. To find out more about our learning networks please contact Hugh Alderwick on


Hugh Reeve
Hugh Reeve, Chair, Cumbria CCG, describes integrating health and care in Cumbria, where primary care communities bring GP practice populations, community services and social care together.

Cumbria CCG is also looking at how to use its buildings to their full potential, and is developing a single approach to IT systems and to the workforce to decrease wastage across the system.

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Joy Youart
Joy Youart, Managing Director, NHS Kernow, explains how the CCG has been working with partners and the public to co-design new services and centre services around patient’s needs in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

NHS Kernow’s commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of patients was endorsed by the government in November 2013 when it was awarded integrated care pioneer status.

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North East Lincolnshire

Jake Rollin
Jake Rollin, Strategic Lead, Care and Independence, North East Lincolnshire CCG, discusses how the CCG has implemented an integrated structure for health and social care in the area.

Devolving the local authority social care budget into the CCG has enabled the team to create a single strategy and a single point of access to care, shaping the system around the individual.

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North West London

Robyn Doran
Robyn Doran and Dr Muhammed Ali explain how care is being integrated across the eight boroughs in North West London.

North West London was awarded integrated care pioneer status by the government in November 2013 – one of 14 sites in the country.

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Derek Thompson
Derek Thomson, Medical Director, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, describes the experience of integrating care in Northumberland and North Tyneside.

Developing, enhancing and maintaining relationships is regarded by colleagues in Northumbria as critical in delivering change and joined-up care.

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Anand Chitnis
Anand Chitnis, GP and Chair, Solihull CCG, shares how the CCG has developed a person-centred narrative for ‘Jack and Eileen’, which has resulted in a greater focus on patient outcomes.

The big enablers to integrating care have been bringing patients on board - being clear that the strategy at its highest level is about the outcomes for patients, improving their quality of care and experience of using health and social care services.

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South Warwickshire

Ian Philp
Ian Philp, Medical Director, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, talks about the preventative work South Warwickshire are doing in partnership with Age UK and colleagues in primary care. The project involves early identification of, and a personalised response to, the concerns that older people have related to their health, independence and wellbeing.

The main enablers to joining up care have been working in partnership with the clinical commissioning group, with GP practices who have been willing to trial the personalised assessment and with Age UK who have a rich knowledge about older people’s needs and how these needs can be met.

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