Integrated care map: examples of new models of care in practice

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There are already some great examples of individuals and organisations working together to create joined-up, integrated care that is centred around patients' needs. We've pulled together this map to help highlight integrated care and new models of care in practice. The map is not intended to be comprehensive, but draws on our research and analysis, and our role in bringing people together to make integrated care happen.

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Integrated care case studies

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#40870 Myra Duncan
Non Executive Director, NHS Board
NHS Highland

Not even a nod to Scotland. Public Bodies Joint Working Bill going through Parliament and NHS Highland and The Highland Council already working in integrated arrangements for older people's and children's services.

#40874 Sarah Tucker
Digital Communications Officer
The King's Fund

Hi Myra, at the moment our interactive map is limited to organisations we have worked with. We would like to develop this further at some point in the future, potentially to include a wider array of case studies, but this is unlikely to happen in the near future. We understand that there would be value in highlighting integrated care projects that others have undertaken, and in doing so create a comprehensive contact directory, but we simply don’t have the resource to do this at present.

What I would recommend is that you sign up to our integrated care bulletin (it’s free) as we will let people know if we change our approach to the map via this bulletin And if you’d like to share your experience in integrating care to date, then I would encourage you to join our integrated care LinkedIn group

Best wishes,


#40877 Bob Hughes
Surrey Association for Visual Impairment

I share Myra Duncan's surprise that Scotland doesn't feature - and lets not forget Wales. Significant advances in eye care in both countries achieved by joint working and professional respect between medics and clinicians. Frankly some of the examples you highlight are frankly pale shadows. Shows how far we have to go in joint working between Primary and secondary care. And by the way, primary care contractors aren't just GPs.

#40883 Chris Ham
chief executive
The King's Fund

to add to Sarah's reply, we have studied and reported on NI, Scotland and Wales in this report our analysis suggests Scotland has delivered some tangible results from integrated care but it is too early to claim the same for Wales

#40886 Lisa Gibson
Health Improvement Specialist
Leeds City Council

Really interesting to see the scope of work happening around the country. Here in Leeds, we have an ambitious integration programme and we are already starting to see results. More info here: and happy to explore possiblities of adding Leeds as a case study?

#40934 Angela Starkie
Occupational Psychologist
Stark Management Solutions

This is really useful and is a shame that a lack of resource restricts this valuable tool; would it be possible for this to become a self-completing map by those involved in delivering the integrated care projects. A caveat could be added highlighting King's Fund not yet validated results. Creating an integrated approach to the delivery of future health and social care is going to increase significantly over the next few years. I and other organisations benefit from seeing what is being done around the country for purposes of sharing innovative ideas and, where measured outcomes are available, allows for sharing evidence based practice.

#40937 Priscilla

It would be useful to readers to incorporate a link to download or view the study paper related to each of the cases

#129756 jameshiggott
Digital Comms Manager
The King's Fund
Lisa - Leeds is now on the integrated care map following Rob Kenyon's talk at our integrated care summit last week. It was a fascinating talk and a great case study of what can happen when organisations work together.
#543157 Mark Thomas
Development Director
The Gold Standards Framework Centre

This is very useful. If it became more comprehensive in the future, it could include those pilot areas in the country, Nottingham, Airedale and Dorset, where GSF is working with Hospitals, Primary Care and Care Homes, to improve the delivery of personalised integrated care for all people nearing the end of life, enabling those organisations to develop a common language and better communication across boundaries of care. Other areas are now also coming forward, including Barking, Havering and Redbridge, and Jersey.

#545912 Neil Chadborn
Research fellow
University of Nottingham

In an academic way... I've spent several hours mapping various intergrated care initiatives - Vanguards, Pioneers etc. I haven't added the latest rounds of Vanguards, but it may be of use... (more detail for E. Midlands)
NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care East Midlands

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