Our priorities for the next government: an illustrated guide

With the general election coming at a pivotal time for health and social care, we set out our view of the twelve key challenges and priorities for the next government.

More of our work in the run-up to the next general election


#57744 Rekha Elaswarapu

This must be a priority area. Care of the older people should be part of the curriculum for all entrants both in health and social care. Also required is tackling the ageist attitudes in commissioning and provision of services. More integration and pooling of funds.

#57781 Tim Benson

The next government should learn from what has worked best about "meaningful use" in USA. Meaningful use pays for information systems to be used, not just bought. Ideally do this in a way that will require interoperability standards and quality metrics that are fit for purpose.

Sad to say, but existing interoperability specifications and standards are simply not fit for purpose. We need "Plug 'n Play". Much the asme can be said for quality metrics. In spite of the transparency, participation and feedback mantra, not a lot is really being done to track quality in ways that are useful to the front line..

#58553 Katie Coleman

The 'meaningful use' approach is a must do, as is interoperability. However, we need to go one step forward and ensure that patient data is liberated, held by the individual in a person held record and data exchanged systematically via technologies similar to 'blue button'.

#461653 Marion Jude
retired nhs professional

what are the kings fund views about releasing more resources for clinical care through dismantling the internal market and eschewing expensive private contracts for services?

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