Think differently blog

We asked guest contributors to provide interesting and challenging perspectives on health and social care in the future.
James Buchan
3 September 2013 | Comments: 3
Professor James Buchan explores how NHS reforms have affected the health and social care workforce, and the importance of maintaining the balance between safety and cost-effectiveness.
Barrie Dowdeswell
11 July 2013 | Comments: 1
In a guest blog for our Time to Think Differently programme, Barrie Dowdeswell gives an international perspective on how the NHS could be utilising one of its prime assests - its buildings.
18 April 2013 | Comments: 4
Anna Dixon reflects on the main points from our Time to Think Differently debate on empowering patients and considers what we should focus on in the future.
Havi Carel
11 April 2013 | Comments: 11
Havi Carel shares how she became an 'active patient' by harnessing her own resources and those of health professionals to live well despite – or rather, with – her illness.
Roger Taylor
4 April 2013 | Comments: 20
Roger Taylor, Strategy Director at Dr Foster, considers the barriers to shifting accountability to patients, and the benefits from involving patients more in their own care.
Roy Lilley
25 March 2013 | Comments: 43
As part of our Time to Think Differently programme, writer and commentator Roy Lilley considers the impact that technology has on our lives, and asks why health care is still lagging behind.
14 March 2013 | Comments: 7
Vijaya Nath sums up our discussions on the future health and social care workforce, and looks at the impact of leadership, technology and the shifting patterns of care delivery.
Mark Newbold
7 March 2013 | Comments: 7
For our Time to Think Differently blog, Mark Newbold proposes six changes to help us meet the challenges of the future, as we move away from an acute care model to one based on the management of long-term conditions.
Viv Bennett
28 February 2013 | Comments: 8
How can breaking down professional barriers help us to deliver better care in the future? Viv Bennett, Director of Nursing, Department of Health and Public Health England, blogs for our Time to Think Differently programme.
Partha Kar
21 February 2013 | Comments: 12
In the first of our Time to Think Differently guest blogs on changing professional roles, Partha Kar offers a definition of the future hospital consultant.
14 February 2013 | Comments: 13
Where do we begin in improving public health, mental health and health inequalities? David Buck sums up the highlights of our Time to Think Differently debate on the health of the nation.
David Halpern
7 February 2013 | Comments: 2
How can we improve the public's health? David Halpern shares his thoughts in this week's Time to Think Differently blog.
Alastair Campbell
31 January 2013 | Comments: 21
Alastair Campbell, blogging for our Time to Think Differently programme, examines the current issues of mental health care provision and sets out his vision for better care in the future.
Gabriel Scally
24 January 2013 | Comments: 20
What must be done to improve health inequalities in England? We hear from Gabriel Scally on our TIme to Think Differently blog.
18 January 2013 | Comments: 11
Nigel Edwards concludes our look at the relocation of care, considering whether shifting care closer to home is always the best solution.
10 January 2013 | Comments: 20
Jeremy Porteus, Director of the Housing Learning and Improvement Network, explains how appropriate housing for older people could improve health outcomes and deliver savings.
2 January 2013 | Comments: 21
In a blog for our Time to Think Differently programme, Hugh Reeve, a GP and Clinical Chair of Cumbria CCG, explains why changes to primary care must start with the basics.
12 December 2012 | Comments: 18
Paul Corrigan kicks off our second Time to Think Differently debate by looking at how the current model of hospital care could and should change.
7 December 2012 | Comments: 6
We had an incredible response to our debate on the changing patient – with views from politicians, health and social care professionals and, most importantly, patients themselves.
22 November 2012 | Comments: 11
Ben Page, Chief Executive at Ipsos MORI, gives the facts on current public expectations of the NHS and how this is likely to change in the future.