A quality framework for district nursing

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Part of Older people’s experiences of district nursing services

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  • Posted:Thursday 01 September 2016

What does ‘good care’ look like in district nursing services? Our report, Understanding quality in district nursing services, sets out a framework of nine characteristics of good-quality care for older people receiving care from district nursing services in their own home. The framework is derived from interviews with people receiving district nursing care, their carers and staff.

We hope this framework and these slides will be a useful resource for you – please feel free to use them in your work, in documents and presentations.

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More detail on this quality framework is available in our report, Understanding quality in district nursing services.


Jill Hardnan

Community Matron,
Hounslow & Richmond community Health Care
Comment date
29 September 2016
I really like the principles of this document which I have followed through my career and when I assess my patients. I have 35 yrs of experience and still work on the front line. The poor district nurses are so stretched with a lot of agency nurses so continuity of staff is difficult therefore difficult to get a good therapeutic realationship with the patients. Recruitment & retention is also a problem in my trust. Also the patients the acute sector send out into the community are very complex so it's difficult for district nursing to cope, and to fulfill the principles of the framework is virtually impossible. I know I try and do the best for my patients at all times.

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