Producing patient information: How to research, develop and produce effective information resources

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Health care professionals provide a range of information to their patients – from leaflets on specific conditions to explaining treatment options. Clear, appropriate information is critical to help patients make informed choices.

Producing patient information, originally published in 2000 and revised in 2003, offers health professionals in the public, commercial and voluntary sectors advice on:

  • what to consider and where to start when producing patient information
  • how to manage the stages of the patient information production process
  • how to evaluate and update information once it is produced.

Designed to be read through, dipped into or used for reference it includes: section-by-section overviews and action points; information boxes that pull together additional useful facts; case studies and practical illustrations; further reading and useful contact listings; and a detailed index.


Mark Duman

Chief Patient Officer,
MD Healthcare Consultants Ltd
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02 April 2022

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