How is the health and social care system performing? February 2013: Quarterly monitoring report

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Part of Quarterly monitoring report (QMR)

This quarter's monitoring report finds that, while most NHS organisations are on track to meet financial targets, it is clear that pressures are growing towards the end of the second year of the so-called Nicholson Challenge.

For the first time, our quarterly monitoring report also includes a survey of directors of adult social services in English local authorities alongside its usual survey of NHS finance directors.

This is the seventh quarterly monitoring report produced by the Fund as we aim to provide a regular update on how the NHS is coping as it continues to grapple with the £20billion productivity challenge while implementing the government's NHS reforms. It is a continuation of our work to assess, analyse and report on the performance of the NHS.


antoine mantumbu

physiotherapist-orthopedic technician-community organizer,
Comment date
19 February 2013
being an handicapped person I would like to come in london and partcipate to the debate from the DRC but if you could support my travel it will be good


Harry Longman

Chief Executive,
Patient Access
Comment date
18 February 2013
Much of this is about meeting targets, a poor set of measures which accentuates all the wrong behaviours. You do have good sources of data, and good presentational skills.
Please put them to use showing us measures of demand, the prime movers in healthcare. I see handwringing about % of patients waiting over 4 hours - but I don't see the movement in demand which is driving them.

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