Funding the practice of learning: An evaluation of The King's Fund's Partners for Health in London funding and development programme

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Part of Partners for Health in London

The King's Fund gave grants to voluntary organisations from its inception in 1897, when it gave money to voluntary hospitals to improve the care they provided. As a reflection of the Fund's wider emphasis on knowledge development it set up Partners for Health in 2005, which provided financial and practical support throughout the lifetime of a project, aiming to:

  • better understand practice
  • sharpen our joint understanding of the key success factors
  • transfer learning, where appropriate
  • share learning more widely about which interventions are more promising than others.

Funding the Practice of Learning is an evaluation of the Partners for Health programme, exploring the experiences of those who applied for funding from the point of application, through the recruitment process and into the programme itself. It also includes reflections from the funding team on how the evaluation of the programme changed the way Partners for Health worked.


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