From Cradle to Grave: Fifty years of the NHS

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Published to mark the 50th anniversary of the NHS, this publication tells the extraordinary story of the health service. Based on discussions with people who played a key role in shaping the NHS, it offers a comprehensive overview of all the main landmarks – including achievements and breakthroughs in medicine, nursing, hospital development and primary health care – in a way that combines both clinical and health management perspectives.

'This book documents a significant chapter in this country's development, celebrating our past and providing us with a perspective which will help us plan for our future.'
Prime Minister Tony Blair, writing in the Foreword

'As the NHS evolves into the 21st century, this book offers a perceptive insight into the past 50 years and draws valuable lessons for the future.'
David Owen, House of Lords

'A brilliant work. It fills a huge gap and does it superbly... quite compulsively readable because it is organised in a masterly way.'
Roy Porter, Professor of the Social History of Medicine, Wellcome Institute

'Geoffrey Rivett has managed to trace developments in medicine, politics and, very importantly, nursing in an extremely erudite yet amusing way.'
Jenifer Wilson-Barnett, Professor of Nursing, King’s College London

This book is currently out of print. To access the text please visit the NHS History site, run by the author.