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  1. Briefing: Celebrating the NHS at 60

    4 Jul 2008
    In this briefing, John Appleby and Ruth Thorlby explore the early years of the NHS and look forward to what we might encounter in the next 60 years.
  2. Data briefing: Emergency bed use

    What the numbers tell us 22 Dec 2011
    Our data briefing looks at the trends emerging in emergency admissions and hospital bed use in the NHS. What do the numbers tell us?
  3. Briefing: Independent sector treatment centres

    1 Oct 2009
    Independent sector treatment centres (ISTCs) provide services to NHS patients but are owned and run by organisations outside the NHS. This briefing paper explains why ISTCs were introduced, and how they are funded, staffed and regulated.
  4. Briefing: Mental Health Act 2007

    8 Dec 2008
    • Simon Lawton-Smith
    This briefing focuses on the Mental Health Act 2007 and its policies in relation to England.
  5. Data briefing: Emergency hospital admissions for ambulatory care-sensitive conditions

    Identifying the potential for reductions 3 Apr 2012
    Our data briefing looks at patterns of admissions for ambulatory care-sensitive conditions and assesses how emergency admissions could be reduced.
  6. Briefing: The Budget- health and social care funding

    3 Jul 2015
    Briefing: The Budget- health and social care funding The briefing warns that unless additional ... care. Although there are opportunities for the NHS to improve productivity, the briefing argues that ...
  7. Procurement and competition rules

    Can the NHS be exempted? 18 Mar 2015
    In this briefing, The King’s Fund seeks to clarify whether a new government could extract the NHS from European Union procurement and competition rules.
  8. Briefing: The Autumn Statement

    NHS Funding 26 Nov 2014

    The King's Fund's written briefing in advance of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement to parliament, calling for an additional £2 billion in funding for the NHS to prevent a financial crisis in 2015/16.

  9. Practice-based commissioning briefing

    30 Nov 2007
    • Natasha Curry,
    • Ruth Thorlby
    This briefing explores some of the questions and issues relating to practice-based commissioning in England, examines the pace of implementation and offers some analysis of the impact – current and future – on NHS services.
  10. Briefing: General practice in England

    An overview 25 Sep 2009
    This briefing sets out how general practice is organised, contracted and financed; analyses the impact of recent government policy; and looks at future trends.