Statement from the Barker Commission

The future of health and social care
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The Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England (also known as the Barker Commission) was created as an independent body by The King’s Fund because of mounting evidence that health and social care are heading towards a crisis.

The Commission reconvened over the summer to review progress one year on from its final report and in light of the government’s decision to postpone its manifesto commitment to introduce a new cap on social care costs.

This statement from the Barker Commission highlights their concerns about the lack of progress since their report was published, and calls on the Chancellor to take action on health and social care funding in the Spending Review.


#545109 Phill Wheatley
Approved mental health professional
Wiltshire council

More and more people are breaking down mentally and it's not just our patients. The 10% rise in detentions under the mental health act say little of the greater rise in referrals. And the proposed alterations to the deprivation of liberty safeguards will mean more detentions under the mental health act. Including the right of one doctor to detain a patient for 28 days based on their report alone.

#545821 Carl Brassey
Berwick Care

The plight of the care industry must be taken seriously. Over 55% of nursing/care homes we have spoken to believe that their business is under immediate short term risk of failure. If this came true the consequences would be dire for all areas of the care sector. More representation should be made to government ministers to support existing letters like the following:

#545924 jane
support worker learning disabilities

when David Cameron became prime minister I remember quite clearly
what he said in a speech, we will always protect the most vulnerable in
our society. I have always voted conservative but will never vote for them ever again as I am still shocked and find it hard to understand that
our country can treat our most vulnerable people as an expensive burden on us financially and that view is evidence in my opinion of how selfish some people in this country have become. Shocking as it may seem it`s true

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