A collection of articles and papers written by staff at The King's Fund and published in places such as Health Service Journal, The British Medical Journal, Local Government Chronicle, national press and our in-house magazine, Insight.

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Five big issues for health and social care after the Brexit vote

Helen McKenna

In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, we consider what lies ahead for health and social care, and the five big issues that will need to be considered.

Revalidation: from compliance to commitment

Vijaya Nath
We speak to Vijaya Nath, Assistant Director in Leadership Development at The King's Fund. about our study on the impact of medical revalidation.

Dalton review: Good leadership will determine the best models for change

Chris Ham, Chris Hopson
There are a range of models being explored by the Dalton review to improve NHS provider models in future. Health care management is complex and mulifaceted, so needs to successfully meet varying local health needs, argue Chris Ham and Chris Hopson.

Encourage GPs to take ownership of their CCG

Shilpa Ross, Holly Holder
Regardless of their shape or size, building and maintaining strong relationships with GPs is a key challenge for new clinical commissioning groups, write Holly Holder and Shilpa Ross

Dealing with financially unsustainable providers: how will the failure regime work?

Tony Harrison, Anna Dixon
This paper explains why a failure regime is required in the NHS, outlines how the failure regime for NHS trusts (currently being applied in South London) works and how the failure regime for foundation trusts introduced by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 will work in future.

What happens if a big care provider fails?

Richard Humphries
Richard Humphries argues that one lesson to emerge from Southern Cross is the need for better clarity in the roles of providers, commissioners, regulators and central government.

What other regulators can teach Monitor

Anna Dixon
Anna Dixon discusses what Monitor can learn from other regulators in an article for New Statesman.

Good governance for clinical commissioning groups: an introductory guide

Candace Imison, Beccy Baird, Katy Steward, Andrew Willis

Written for the NAPC and KPMG, this introductory guide to good governance for clinical commissioning groups aims to help them take their first steps towards authorisation.

Competition in the NHS in England

Chris Ham
At the heart of the Health and Social Care Bill are provisions to establish a comprehensive system for economic regulation of health and adult social care services. These provisions are the most ambitious attempt yet to apply market regulation to the NHS.

Accountability of foundation trusts in the English NHS: views of directors and governors

Anna Dixon, John Storey, Arturo Alvarez Rosete
Anna Dixon, John Storey and Arturo Alvarez Rosete map and describe the formal accountability relationships of foundation trusts in England.

Getting quality from the regulators

Niall Dickson
Deciding who does what will be vital if we’re to get a quality service from the regulators. Niall Dickson reflects on the new role of the CQC and its chair, Lady Young.

If Whitehall is to relinquish its control of primary care trusts, this must leave a democratic vacuum to be filled

Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis looks at the wider political implications of increasing the local accountability of PCTs.

How to score public accountability points

Ruth Thorlby, Richard Lewis
Ruth Thorlby and Richard Lewis discuss the public accountability of primary care trusts.

David Woodhead and Valerie James on tackling decommissioning

Valerie James, David Woodhead
This article looks at the challenges surrounding decommissioning. Government is stepping away from setting central targets and relinquishing direct control over delivery. Locally identified needs and priorities will take their place.

Who owns and operates healthcare providers and does it matter?

Nigel Edwards, Richard Lewis
Nigel Edwards and Richard Lewis review the history of the debate on the ownership and operation of health care providers.

Jury still out on NHS independence

Anna Dixon
Anna Dixon welcomes the debate around creating an independent NHS but says that an effective case has still to be made for full arm's-length governance.

Committed to the market?

Niall Dickson
The King's Fund Insight article by Niall Dixon, which says that the health service in England is undergoing far-reaching change on a scale not seen before.

Does more choice equal more risk?

Jennifer Dixon
Jennifer Dixon discusses issues of risk and responsibility in relation to choice in health and social care. What kinds of risks apply, and whose responsibility are they?

NHS foundation trusts

Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis argues that the Healthcare Commission's review offers something for both proponents and detractors.