Preparing for the Francis report: how to assure quality in the NHS

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Part of The Francis Inquiry report

The national structures and systems designed to assure the quality of care delivered by the NHS are currently under intense scrutiny.

It is widely expected that regulators will come in for further criticism in the autumn when the Public Inquiry into the serious failures of care at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust reports. The Francis Inquiry’s Chair, Robert Francis QC, is likely to propose far-reaching changes at all levels of the system, including to the external organisations that regulate quality. But will further changes to national structures and systems make such gross failings in quality less likely in future?

In this paper we set out our views on how the system of quality assurance, including regulation, needs to evolve, the principles on which it should be built and how it should operate.


Chris Mullett

BMS & H&S representative.,
Homerton University Hospital
Comment date
19 August 2013
The document "Preparing for the Francis report: How ensure quality in the NHS" completely fails to acknowledge the role of Health and Safety legislation. Employers not only have a duty of care to their employees but also anyone affected by their undertakings (in this case patients). Where are the legal requirements to perform risk assessments to ensure there are sufficient capable staff to perform the organisations undertakings in this document?

Peter Cowling

Clinical Director,
Path Links
Comment date
02 April 2013
Need this

J Maciejewski

Heart Failure Nurse Specialist,
Worcestershire Acute
Comment date
08 October 2012
I would like this docoment to read for mi ILM leadership and Management course

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