How is the NHS performing? March 2017: Quarterly Monitoring Report

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Part of Quarterly monitoring report (QMR)

The King’s Fund published its first quarterly monitoring report in April 2011 as part of its work to track, analyse and comment on the changes and challenges the health and care system is facing. This is the 22nd report and aims to take stock of what has happened over the past quarter and to assess the state of the health and care system. It provides an update on how the NHS is coping as it continues to grapple with productivity and reform challenges under continued financial pressure.

The quarterly monitoring report combines publicly available data on selected NHS performance measures with views from NHS finance directors and clinical commissioning group (CCG) finance leads.


Makaram Srinivasan

Consultant & Director Clinical Effectiveness SAS Div,
Comment date
16 June 2018

I am very interested in knowing the "NHS trends in performance" figures. What are we looking at, and what are we measuring:
1. Are we interested in true financial figures? Loss & Profit/ Balance sheet/ etc
2. Are we looking at numbers of patients treated Vs not treated?
3. Are we looking at Clinical Outcomes of patients that improved, lives saved against the costs of treatment?
4. Are we looking at financial turnover or profit made. But what is profit in the health care economy?
5. Are we looking at the comparative balance sheet, but each hospital / Trust/ Teaching Hospital has a different balance sheet and different set of patients and different services etc.
We have all been asked to standardise our medical care and operations in our day to day work, in the NHS. Therefore, may we please request for standardised patients, standardised staff, standardised junior doctors and standardised findings in each patient of the same physical, and the same standardised operation and treatment plan to deliver our standardised care.
In NHS healthcare -are we measuring the right key criteria at the right time in order to get the right critical information that will determine the right action plan so that appropriate justified results can be achieved?

Makaram Srinivasan

Consultant Orthopaedics,
Comment date
02 April 2017
very interesting

Rosalind Walker

Clinical Lead,
Medacs Healthcare
Comment date
22 March 2017
I am very interested in trends regarding NHS performance and the challenges the NHS faces.

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