UK’s health and social care spending plans: more of the same?

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Five years ago the new coalition government set itself the task of repairing the United Kingdom’s finances. Through a combination of public spending cuts and tax rises, the government’s central macroeconomic plans in 2010 were to cut day to day borrowing and reduce the nation’s overall debt. By this year the fiscal repair job was meant to be complete.

Unfortunately, none of the government’s macroeconomic targets has been met. Borrowing is 3.9% of gross domestic product (GDP), not 1.1% as planned; the structural current deficit is 3.4% (£640.7bn (€920bn; $970bn), not zero); and, at over 83% of GDP, the national debt is 16 percentage points higher than planned.

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Pearl Baker

Independent Mental Health Advocate and Advisor/Carer,
Comment date
01 December 2015
It is very clear the situation regarding Health and Social Care is going to worsen. There has to be a NEW direction, and INNOVATION should be a 'Priority'.

I would like to see a Conference based on INNOVATION, there are good Innovators out there, you need to 'tap' into their 'thoughts and ideas' and implement those that are already in place.

I attended a Kings Conference on 'integration' and was well impressed with an Agency that supported the 'elderly in their homes' funded by PHE, it saved thousands. It provided help with essential repairs, GP appointments, and much more, why is this NOT advertised across the country via a PHE campaign including CCGs and LA.

The above could also help 'vulnerable' adult live in their homes, eradicate isolation, help them with a purpose in life.

Do we really need Social Workers working in isolation? we need Agencies as described above multi tasking.

The Social Worker idea is outdated, too expensive, and unworkable, we need a completely different approach to 'integration.

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