Concerns about social care costs: letter to the Editor

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Sir, Rising social care costs are a huge challenge (leading article, 19 May), but the Conservative manifesto’s response is inadequate. The new 'capital floor' of £100,000 would provide welcome protection for people with modest assets, while redirecting money at present spent on winter fuel payments should bring new money into the system.

However, abandoning the cap on people’s liability for care — a manifesto commitment two years ago — would continue to leave many people exposed to huge costs. The decision to include the value of people’s homes in calculating their contribution to home care costs means thousands more are likely to have to pay for care themselves. And the absence of a transparent commitment to significant additional public funding risks leaving more people who depend on publicly funded services without access to the care they need.

The Conservatives’ proposals fall a long way short of the fundamental reform needed to put social care on a sustainable footing for the future and eyes will now turn to the promised Green Paper to fill in the gaps.