A collection of articles and papers written by staff at The King's Fund and published in places such as Health Service Journal, The British Medical Journal, Local Government Chronicle, national press and our in-house magazine, Insight.

'Golden opportunites' for the NHS are not straightforward

Richard Murray

In this article for Public Finance, Richard Murray considers the question of whether the NHS could borrow money from the private sector.

Supporting leaders to deliver transformational change

Nicola Walsh

How can leaders collaborate to deliver sustainability and transformation plans and implement new care models? Nicola Walsh discusses our work supporting leaders to develop new ways of working.

Online support: investigating the role of public online forums in mental health

David Buck, Matthew Honeyman, Josh Smith, Jamie Bartlett

This report explores whether machine learning can help find wider meaning in millions of unstructured online conversations about mental health.

Next steps on the NHS five year forward view

Chris Ham

In this article published in the British Medical Journal, Chris Ham reflects on the ambitions outlined in the NHS delivery plan.

Talking leadership: Allison Trimble on building leaders’ authority

Allison Trimble

Allison Trimble discusses the challenges leaders in health and care face when they begin to grow their influence, and how they can overcome them.

Talking leadership: Marcus Powell on our Seventh annual leadership and management summit

Marcus Powell

Marcus Powell reflects on the challenges facing leaders across health and care and looks forward to our Seventh annual leadership and management summit.

Sustainability and transformation plans for the NHS in England

Hugh Alderwick, Chris Ham

Plans for the future of health and care services in England hold promise but need time, investment, and a dose of realism, say Hugh Alderwick and Chris Ham.

Inspiring leadership: Kate’s story

Kate Bones

As part of the celebrations for our 120th anniversary, we are asking people whose lives have been touched by the Fund to share their stories. Here we talk to Kate Bones, whose experience of taking part in our Athena programme has left a lasting impression.

Spring budget: cash for social care and a green paper on future funding

Chris Ham, Richard Humphries

The government has bought some time to find a sustainable solution for social care, say Chris Ham and Richard Humphries.

Talking leadership: Sally Hulks on organisational development in the NHS

Sally Hulks

Sally Hulks discusses the importance of organisational development in fostering compassionate, collaborative leadership and developing cultures for high-quality care.

Ministers, not NHS England, should decide on the affordability of cost-effective new treatments

Nicholas Timmins

The NHS can no longer afford to fund new treatments to the extent that it has done in the past. This potentially has big implications for patients, but the message is being delivered by un-elected NHS organisations when it should be ministers – the budget setters – taking responsibility for this.

Talking leadership: Fiona Greenfield on developing compassionate leadership through mindfulness

Fiona Greenfield

Fiona Greenfield, an experienced nurse, reflects on the importance of leading compassionately.

Political crisis in the NHS

Chris Ham

The government should heed the warning signs and embark on fundamental reform.

Theresa May's choice: give the NHS more money, or tell voters to expect worse care

Chris Ham

Chris Ham reflects on Simon Stevens' challenge to the government either to find more money for the NHS and social care, or be honest with the public about the consequences.

2017 is a make-or-break year for the Forward View

Chris Ham

An epic struggle is occurring within the NHS to sustain current services and at the same time transform how care is delivered to better meet changing needs, says Chris Ham.

The link between pensions and social care

Kate Barker

Letter from Kate Barker to the Editor of The Times regarding the link between pensions and social care.

Talking Leadership: Matthew Rice on clinicians leading change

Matthew Rice

Matthew Rice discusses the pressures that clinical leaders are facing now, and what is needed to unlock their potential.

Healthy populations: designing strategies to improve population health

Hugh Alderwick, Chris Ham, Sue Siegel , Sabine Vuick, Hannah Patel

This report, for the World Innovation Summit for Health 2016, sets out a framework for developing new strategies to improve population health that join up healthcare systems with other services and sectors.

UK government’s Autumn Statement: no relief for NHS and social care in England

Chris Ham

If silence speaks volumes then this year’s Autumn Statement sent a deafening message to the NHS and its partners in social care, says Chris Ham.

Watching Wallonia: or what STPs can learn about team working

Chris Ham

A recently endangered trade deal between the EU and Canada offers some pertinent thoughts on balancing the interests of the new partnerships, writes Chris Ham.