A collection of articles and papers written by staff at The King's Fund and published in places such as Health Service Journal, The British Medical Journal, Local Government Chronicle, national press and our in-house magazine, Insight.

Theresa May's choice: give the NHS more money, or tell voters to expect worse care

Chris Ham

The NHS and social care are seriously underfunded. That was the unequivocal message from the boss of NHS England, Simon Stevens, in evidence to the Public Accounts Committee on Wednesday.

2017 is a make-or-break year for the Forward View

Chris Ham

An epic struggle is occurring within the NHS to sustain current services and at the same time transform how care is delivered to better meet changing needs, says Chris Ham.

The link between pensions and social care

Kate Barker

Letter from Kate Barker to the Editor of The Times regarding the link between pensions and social care.

Talking Leadership: Matthew Rice on clinicians leading change

Matthew Rice

Matthew Rice discusses the pressures that clinical leaders are facing now, and what is needed to unlock their potential.

UK government’s Autumn Statement: no relief for NHS and social care in England

Chris Ham

If silence speaks volumes then this year’s Autumn Statement sent a deafening message to the NHS and its partners in social care, says Chris Ham.

Watching Wallonia: or what STPs can learn about team working

Chris Ham

A recently endangered trade deal between the EU and Canada offers some pertinent thoughts on balancing the interests of the new partnerships, writes Chris Ham.

The Autumn Statement: six graphics

In a joint briefing, The King’s Fund, Nuffield Trust and The Health Foundation analyse the action the government needs to take in its Autumn Statement.

Talking leadership: Susie Perks-Baker on our Athena programme

Susie Perks-Baker

Susie Perks-Baker discusses the challenges currently facing female leaders in health and care, and how our Athena programme has evolved to meet their needs.

Talking leadership: Julia Fernando on understanding culture to enable compassionate care

Julia Fernando

Julia Fernando reflects on learning from the first phase of a project with NHS Improvement to help trusts to understand their culture and develop interventions to enable more compassionate care.

Talking leadership: Sally Hulks on nurturing future leaders

Sally Hulks

Sally Hulks, Assistant Director of Leadership and Organisational Development, discusses how organisations can nurture future health care leaders.

Why the NHS needs a quality improvement strategy

Don Berwick

In this Q&A feature, Chris Ham speaks to Don Berwick about why he thinks that now is the right time for a quality improvement strategy in the NHS.

Conversations with NHS chief executives: an insight

Nicholas Timmins

Nicholas Timmins interviewed a number of NHS chief executives for our recent report, The chief executive’s tale: views from the front line of the NHS. In this Q&A feature, we asked him for a flavour of what they said.

I'm an individual – not just a patient in the system

Angela Camber

Angela Camber comments on her experience as a patient in the health care system.

The important third dimension for integrated care

Chris Naylor

Chris Naylor on bringing together physical and mental health - the third dimension for integrated care.

Talking leadership: Sarah Massie on developing compassionate leadership through mindfulness

Sarah Massie

Sarah Massie explains why compassion and mindfulness are essential practices for leaders working in complex NHS systems.

Wellbeing and being well

John Appleby

In this article for the British Medical Journal, John Appleby looks at the correlation between health and happiness.

Five big issues for health and social care after the Brexit vote

Helen McKenna

In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, we consider what lies ahead for health and social care, and the five big issues that will need to be considered.

Leadership in the NHS

Marcus Powell

Marcus Powell, Director of Leadership and Organisational Development, shares his initial observations about leadership in the NHS.

Compassion – not bullying – is the path to improving NHS care

Marcus Powell

In this piece for the Guardian Healthcare Network, Marcus Powell discusses the importance of positive organisational cultures and compassion in leadership to improve NHS care.

The chief executive's tale: a leadership and organisational development perspective

Marcus Powell

Marcus responds to the views of 12 departing NHS chief executives.