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  1. Mental health and new models of care

    Lessons from the vanguards 18 May 2017

    New care models need to make more of opportunities to improve care through integrated approaches to mental health, according to our report, jointly published with the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

  2. Delivering sustainability and transformation plans

    From ambitious proposals to credible plans 21 Feb 2017

    STPs offer the best hope for the NHS and its partners to sustain services and transform the delivery of health and care, but how will STP footprints transform their plans into reality? Our report identifies the challenges that lie ahead.

  3. Sustainability and transformation plans in the NHS

    How are they being developed in practice? 14 Nov 2016

    Based on a series of interviews with senior NHS and local government leaders which took place throughout 2016, this report looks at how sustainability and transformation plans have been developed in four parts of the country.

  4. New care models

    Emerging innovations in governance and organisational form 11 Oct 2016

    This report looks at the different approaches being taken by MCP and PACS vanguards to contracting, governance and other organisational infrastructure.

  5. Supporting integration through new roles and working across boundaries

    30 Jun 2016

    Our report, commissioned by NHS Employers and the Local Government Association, looks at the evidence on new roles and ways of spanning organisational workforce boundaries to improve the delivery of integrated health and social care.

  6. Bringing together physical and mental health

    A new frontier for integrated care 8 Mar 2016

    Our report looks at a third dimension of integration, highlighted in the NHS five year forward view – bringing together physical and mental health. The authors discuss 10 areas that offer some of the biggest opportunities for improving quality and controlling costs.

  7. Intentional whole health system redesign

    Southcentral Foundation's 'Nuka' system of care 19 Nov 2015

    Southcentral Foundation's redesign of the health care system in Alaska is widely regarded as one of the most successful examples of its kind in the United States and internationally. What can the English NHS learn from Southcentral's experiences?

  8. Place-based systems of care

    A way forward for the NHS in England 12 Nov 2015

    Our report looks at how NHS organisations can move towards place-based systems of care, in which NHS organisations and services work together to address the challenges they collectively face. The report suggests 10 principles to guide the development of such systems.

  9. Devolution

    What it means for health and social care in England 11 Nov 2015

    This briefing describes the origins of devolution and explores key policy and implementation questions in relation to health and social care.

  10. Transforming our health care system

    Ten priorities for commissioners 19 Jun 2015

    Health care commissioners will need to deliver a sustainable system in the face of the most challenging financial and organisational environment seen in decades. Here, we set out ten priorities for commissioners to help them drive forward the changes needed.