Whole Systems Demonstrator Action Network (WSDAN)

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What did we do in this project?

As part of this programme of work, The King's Fund was involved in a number of projects:

  • WSDAN's 'action research' programme for member sites collected data on the progress and impact that telecare and telehealth application have on the management of long-term conditions.
  • These member sites met regularly to give informal updates on their work, to network, and to share knowledge and learning.
  • We developed a telehealth evidence database, that combines research and learning opportunities to examine the use of telecare and telehealth in enabling and improving the management of long-term conditions.

Department of Health work on WSDAN

Why are we interested in this piece of work?

In England we are faced with an ageing population and increasing levels of long-term conditions. According to the Department of Health, there are currently 15.4 million people in England living with a long-term condition.

Telecare and telehealth are assistive technologies developed to address issues arising from the increase in long-term conditions.

The project was commissioned by the Whole System Demonstrator Programme at the Department of Health and is jointly run by The King's Fund and DH Care Networks.

Project team