Has the government met its pledge to increase NHS funding?

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The issue in a nutshell

The coalition agreement pledged to increase health spending in real terms in each year of the Parliament.

What happened?

Before the election, the Tories (and Lib Dems – check) promised to increase NHS funding in real terms. This was a central part of the Tories’ strategy for repositioning the party on the NHS – Cameron’s promise to ‘cut the deficit not the NHS’.

Brief explanation of what the pledge actually means (above inflation increases, in each year not just overall)

What the position was when they came in + history of what happened and when (Budget and Spending Review announcements, need to include transfers to social care)

Include row between Burnham and Hunt which Andrew Dilnot adjudicated on (check)

Set out what the numbers add up to (yearly and across the parliament – include graph from select committee evidence)

Explain why this is more than originally expected (mainly because inflation was lower than forecast)

The King's Fund verdict

Broadly speaking, they met the pledge (although not in 2010/11) and with caveat re transfers to social care?

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