Sustainability and transformation plans

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) are five year plans for the future of health and care services in local areas. NHS organisations have come together with local authorities and other partners to develop the plans in 44 areas of the country. STPs represent a very significant change to the planning of health and care services in England.

Here we pull together our work on STPs and support we can provide to local leaders involved in implementing them.

Supporting leaders

We worked with a number of local areas as they developed their STPs and are now ready to help local leaders as they implement them.

Reports and briefings

Delivering STPs cover.png

Delivering STPs report cover
Delivering sustainability and transformation plans: from ambitious proposals to credible plans

This report looks at challenges and opportunities for the 44 STPs that were submitted in October 2016.


STPs in the NHS
Sustainability and transformation plans in the NHS: How are they being developed in practice?

Based on a series of interviews, this report looks at how STPs have been developed in four parts of the country.


Place-based systems of care
Place-based systems of care: a way forward for the NHS in England

Our report looks at how NHS organisations and services can move towards place-based systems of care.

From the blog

What next for sustainability and transformation plans?
Chris Ham argues that the challenge for STPs is to translate ambitious proposals into credible plans, with clarity about the most important priorities.

Involving patients and the public in developing STPs
Mark Doughty considers how patients and the public can be involved in developing STPs going forward.

Will STPs deliver the changes we wish see in our health and care services?
Nicola Walsh considers how local leaders and organisations will need to work together to ensure STPs lead to real improvements in care.


Sustainability and transformation plans: moving towards implementation

This event – with dates in both London and Manchester – is for the leaders of primary care, community care, mental health, acute hospital, social care, housing, voluntary and public health services who are responsible for implementing the changes proposed in sustainability and transformation plans.

It has been designed to help leaders strengthen proposals into fully developed plans, and will tackle the most important questions being faced in the consideration of how these changes will be implemented.