Social care: reform of funding and delivery

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Richard Humphries on social care reform

What did we do in this project?

In response to the publication of Shaping the Future of Care Together, the previous government's Green Paper on reform of social care funding and delivery, in July 2009 The King's Fund produced a series of resources, including analysis and a summary of the options put forward:

The King's Fund has also produced a consultation response:

Consultation response: the government's Green Paper Shaping the Future of Care Together

Why are we interested in this piece of work?

In 2006 The King's Fund published Securing Good Care for Older People – a review of social care spending requirements for older people over the next 20 years – led by Sir Derek Wanless. This concluded that a 'partnership' model of funding (where government and individuals share the costs of care) would offer the best, fairest and most cost-effective way of delivering a minimum level of care to people that they could top-up from their own resources.

The King's Fund followed this in 2007 by establishing Caring Choices, a coalition of 15 organisations drawn from across the long-term care sector, that sought to engage the public in debate about what care should be provided and how it should be funded in the future.

Caring Choices published a report in 2008, The Future of Care Funding, saying there was 'almost no support' for the present system of means-tested funding and significant levels of support for some kind of ‘partnership’ model of funding.

Our objectives for this project were to:

  • maintain the momentum for change in the funding and delivery of social care, ensuring a new funding settlement remains on the agenda of politicians and policy-makers, highlighting the consequences of delay and inaction
  • offer impartial advice, commentary and briefings to political parties, the media and stakeholders within and beyond the social care sector
  • play a pivotal role in developing fresh policy thinking and analysis, identifying areas requiring further work and synergies with health and wider public service policies.

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