Safer Births project

This project has been completed

The Safer Births programme enabled frontline professionals working in maternity units to improve the safety of the services they deliver to women and their babies.


Maternity toolkit


Building on the recommendations from our 2006 maternity inquiry and the lessons learned from our Safer Births programme, our toolkit provides guidance and a set of practical resources to help staff improve safety in maternity care.

Download the toolkit: Improving safety in maternity services

Anna Dixon and Vi Thomas on the maternity toolkit

Staffing in maternity units

Staffing in maternity units publication cover

Following on from our previous inquiry into the safety of maternity services, The King's Fund commissioned further research to answer a fundamental question: can the safety of maternity services be improved by deploying existing staffing resources more effectively?

Read the paper: Staffing in maternity units

Safe Births: Everybody's business

Safe Births: Everybody's Business

How safe are maternity services in England? Our report presents the findings of an independent inquiry into the safety of maternity services in England, offering a number of practical recommendations for change.

Read the report: Safe Births: Everybody's business

About Safer Births

About the programme

We worked with maternity teams across the country to improve the outcome of care during labour and birth for mothers and babies. Using a range of techniques, from bespoke management consultancy to mentoring opportunities with other NHS trusts, we provided custom support to 12 multi-disciplinary maternity teams.

More about the programme

The latest audio/video related to our Safer Births project

Cathy Warwick: what makes better maternity care?

Cathy Warwick, General Secretary, Royal College of Midwives, looks at the current standards of maternity care in the UK and the barriers to achieving better care.

Catch up with more talks from our Delivering better maternity care conference

Maternity staff stories

Maternity staff talk about the lessons they and their teams have learnt from the Safer Births programme. Listen to their stories.

Safer Births webinars

We held a series of webinars on improving maternity care.

Maternity case studies

Two maternity teams share how they have implemented learnings from the Safer Births programme in their maternity services.


Past events

Catch up with the highlights from our past events.

For midwives and maternity professionals, our event explored the challenges around maternity service safety and provided practical ideas to support maternity units to provide better care. (29 Mar 2012)

Our national learning event explored how maternity teams can embed and sustain improvement in safer births. (8 Feb 2011)