The NHS health check: Quarterly monitoring report October 2011

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UPDATED: October 2011 Our latest analysis of NHS performance results indicates that while the NHS is generally coping, national statistics mask significant pressures in some local areas. Our 'prezi' is an online presentation that sheds light on how the NHS is coping with the challenges it faces. You can also read the full report: How is the NHS performing? October 2011 quarterly monitoring report

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#904 hugh ross
Hehir-Ross partnership

excellent - thank you

#911 Andrea Green
Programme Director PMO
Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Hospital

A really helpful headline summary. Thank you

#912 Ambica Sharma
Workforce Transformation Manager
Sandwell and West birmingham hospitals NHS Trust

Quiet optimistic summary. Thanks.

#918 Chabby M Chabala
Health Care World Plus

Dear Sirs/Madam

I wish to thank you for funding projects regarding infections in our hospitals in England, with a view of asking how we can apply for the grant from yourselves for the new invention called the self disinfecting drain trap?

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