Patient and Family-centred Care programme

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The Patient and Family-centred Care programme is breaking new ground in improving the experience of hospital care for patients and their families, and the working lives of staff.

The Patient and Family-centred Care programme is run as as a partnership between The King's Fund and the Health Foundation.

What is the Patient and Family-centred Care programme?

Service improvement often focuses either on clinical-systematic care processes or on patients' experiences. Patient and family-centred care offers a unique opportunity to use tried and tested techniques to improve both processes of care and staff-patient interactions.

Our goal is to develop a small number of exemplary hospitals and a team of professional staff and managers who can demonstrate their achievements to others and bring sustainable improvement in patients' experience.

Who is taking part in this new phase of patient-centred care?

We are working with hospitals that have already demonstrated commitment to transforming patients' experience of care.

This work will complement existing improvement work, appeal to the values of staff, and help sustain the improvements that hospitals have already made. It builds on our successful Hospital Pathways programme.

Find out more about the eleven successful organisations who will be taking part in the 2012-13 programme. 

What are the benefits for participating hospitals?

The programme aims to support hospitals to:

  • understand the drivers of quality in their own hospital
  • improve the care of patients in two specified care pathways, making them reliable in terms of safety, clinical effectiveness, patient-centredness, timeliness and efficiency
  • build capacity, so that lessons can be sustained and shared across the hospital
  • improve staff engagement and resilience, focusing the attention of staff on the patients' experience.

How will it benefit patients?

The programme aims to support work that will allow patients to:

  • feel confident that the care that they receive will be consistently high quality
  • participate in their own care and feel confident working in collaboration with health care professionals
  • feel that their care has been designed in a way that acknowledges its place within their broader lives.

How does the programme work?

The programme is led by clinicians with recent training and practical experience in health care improvement.

It will include leadership development and on-site support for teams, and deliver a series of learning events and rapid improvement days, supported by expert coaching and mentoring.

Apply for the PFCC programme

We are not currently recruiting for our PFCC programme. However if you would like to receive more information, please contact Bev Fitzsimons on

Useful resources

The Patient and Family-centred Care method has been pioneered by the Innovation Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.