Patient and Family-Centred Care toolkit

Bringing together patients and staff to transform health care

In the aftermath of the Francis Inquiry there emerged a national focus on ‘putting patients at the centre of decision-making’. This has translated into a marked appetite across health care to improve quality and patients’ experience. But finding a clear, practical method of taking this forward is not always easy.

Patient and Family-Centred Care (PFCC) is a simple, step-by-step method for understanding what a care experience is like, what needs to change, and which small improvements can make a big difference to patients, families and staff alike. Across the country, teams have implemented the approach to improve services, ranging from paediatric accident and emergency to the care of frail older people, with measurable results. More about this toolkit >

The Point of Care Foundation is currently using the Patient and Family-Centred Care programme to improve the end-of-life care in 10 NHS provider organisations in the South of England. This work is being supported by the Health Foundation and NHS England South. For more information, please contact Sophie Lansdowne at

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