Partners for Health in London

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About the project

The Partners for Health in London programme assists health care providers to make explicit their ideas and explanations about how and why particular health care interventions work.

We have provided financial and practical support to assist 20 organisations in exploring what actually happens during the lifetime of a project. We aim to:

  • better understand practice
  • sharpen our joint understanding of the key success factors
  • transfer learning, where appropriate
  • share learning more widely about which interventions are more promising than others.

Our partners are mostly voluntary organisations, working in London who are providing interventions which aim to make improvements in either:

We use an evaluation model that encourages systematic enquiry to help identify and clarify barriers to progress – also making it a management tool – rather than a summing up at the end of the project.

As part of the programme, we have also supported research in integrated health care approaches to further understanding and learning. You can read the final report: Funding the practice of learning

Case studies

Here are examples of the work that has been funded and supported by the Partners for Health in London project.

Project team