Primary and acute care systems

Under this new care model outlined in the NHS five year forward view, a single entity or group of providers take responsibility for delivering the range of primary, community, mental health and hospital services for their local population, to improve co-ordination of services and move care out of hospital where appropriate.

Under some circumstances, PACS could become accountable for the whole health needs of a registered list of patients.

Key publications

Policy changes to implement the NHS five year forward view: a progress report

Two years on from the Forward View, we assess how much progress has been made and what still needs to be done.

New care models

This report looks at the different approaches being taken by MCP and PACS vanguards to contracting, governance and other organisational infrastructure.

Accountable care organisations in the United States and England
This briefing explores the accountable care organisations emerging in the United States and discusses the implication of these developments for integrated care initiatives in England.

Examples of new models of care in practice

Our integrated care map


Our map pulls together case studies from the UK and abroad to highlight integrated care and new models of care in practice.