Multispecialty community providers

Under this new care model outlined in the NHS five year forward view, GPs practices come together in networks or federations and collaborate with other health and social care professionals to provide more integrated services outside of hospitals. This might include GPs working with some specialists currently working in acute hospitals, as well as nurses, community health services and social workers.

Over time, GPs and their partners might take on responsibility for the health budget for their whole population.

Our research

Policy changes to implement the NHS five year forward view: a progress report

Two years on from the Forward View, we assess how much progress has been made and what still needs to be done.

New care models

This report looks at the different approaches being taken by MCP and PACS vanguards to contracting, governance and other organisational infrastructure.

Place-based systems of care

Our report looks at how NHS organisations can move towards place-based systems of care, in which NHS organisations and services work together to address the challenges they collectively face.

Specialists in out-of-hospital settings front cover

Specialists in out-of-hospital settings front cover
Specialists in out of hospital settings

This report presents the findings from visits to six services where consultants are delivering or facilitating care outside of hospital.


Rachael Addicott

Rachael Addicott
Rachael Addicott: Making the case for family care networks
Dr Rachael Addicott explains what 'family care networks' are and how they can provide forms of care well beyond what is currently available in general practices.

Chris Ash: creating a multi-speciality community provider in Southern Hampshire

Chris Ash, Director of Integrated Services at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, shares lessons from the vanguard multi-speciality community provider in Southern Hampshire.

Jackie Daniel: Developing organisational forms and governance models

Jackie Daniel, Chief Executive, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, shares lessons on creating a population health system.

From the blog

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Ben Collins considers the options for local health care providers looking to collaborate in integrated local systems.

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Will vanguards be able to make significant changes to local health and care systems while sustaining existing services in a difficult environment?