The NHS at 65

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The NHS turned 65 on 5 July 2013. To celebrate this special birthday, we bring you commentary and analysis of the health and social care system in England, including our animated alternative guide to the new NHS.

The new NHS in 6.5 minutes

New NHS alternative guide thumbnail

New NHS alternative guide
Our alternative guide to the new NHS in England gives a whistle-stop tour of where the NHS is now how the new organisations work and fit together and explains that our new system is as much a product of politics and circumstance as design.

Listen to and watch our alternative guide to the new NHS animation

The new NHS: our commentary and analysis

We draw on our policy research and analysis, plus our experience of working with NHS leaders and managers, to examine five key aspects of the new NHS:

Further resources on NHS structures and reform

A 10-step introduction to the NHS

Learnist logo

Learnist logo
Our first ever 'Learnist' board provides a visual guide through 10 key resources that will help you make sense of the new NHS.

View our 10-step introduction to the NHS

The structures of the new NHS

How is the new NHS structured? Image

How is the new NHS structured image
We explain how providers are regulated, who can influence the commissioning of services and how the money flows in our organograms of the new NHS structures.

Take a look at the structures of the new NHS

The tale of the Health and Social Care Act

Our interactive timeline looks back over the key changes that led to the most wide-ranging reforms to the NHS since it was founded in 1948.

See the key moments that led to the Act coming into force

Organogram of health bodies in London

The new NHS and public health system in London is still taking shape, but the complexity of the emerging eco-system is clear in our organogram of health bodies in London.

View our organogram of the London health system

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