The new NHS: public health

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 set out changes to the public health system. Local authorities were given new responsibilities and funding, taking a greater role in improving health and reducing health inequalities. In the new system, local authorities are supported by the executive agency Public Health England, and there is a new public health outcomes framework. The NHS also has a new legal duty to improve health inequalities.

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Population health systems

Population health systems front cover

Population health systems front cover
This paper aims to challenge those involved in integrated care and public health to ‘join up the dots’, seeing integrated care as part of a broader shift away from fragmentation towards an approach focused on improving population health.

Improving the public's health: a resource for local authorities

Improving the public's health front cover

Improving the public's health front cover
Our resources attempt to help councils decide which aspects of public health to prioritise, and what actions are most effective.

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