The new NHS: economic regulation

The Health and Social Care Act set out Monitor’s role as the sector regulator for health care with responsibility for regulating all providers of NHS-funded services in England.

Monitor licenses providers, works with NHS England to set prices for NHS-funded services, prevents anti-competitive behaviour, and works with commissioners to ensure continuity of services when providers get into financial difficulty.

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Procurement and competition rules: can the NHS be exempted?


Procurement and competition rules
In this briefing, we seek to clarify whether a new government could extract the NHS from European Union procurement and competition rules.

Financial failure in the NHS: what causes it and how best to manage it

Financial failure in the NHS front cover

Financial failure in the NHS front cover
We explore the current financial state of the NHS, the approaches used to avert financial failure and how to deal with it once it occurs.

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Ben Collins
Our briefing attempts something rare in the current debate: a purely technical discussion of whether a new government could dismantle the current rules given the relationships between UK and EU law.

What happens when the money runs out?

Richard Murray

Richard Murray
If in 2013/14 the NHS struggled to maintain performance even with a recruitment round, the chances it can continue to do so with fewer, rather than more, staff look non-existent.

Future payment systems in the NHS

John Appleby

The more we have got to know about how Payment by Results and similar payment methods in other countries operate in practice, the more there seems to be a case for a rethink.

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Candace Imison

Candace Imison explores what we can learn from early experiments in using a failure regime in the NHS. 


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Richard Murray explores the current financial health of the NHS, the options for managing financial failure and recommendations for the future.

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