Health and social care: the first 100 days of the new government

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After 100 days in office, the new government's plans for health and social care are beginning to take shape. Here we present an outline of the measures that have been announced so far.

Financial control and productivity

Piggy bank

A number of measures are being implemented to control provider spending, while pressure is increasing on the NHS to identify efficiency savings.

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Map of England

Devolution has emerged as one of the new government's defining policy agendas, although questions remain about its implications for the NHS.

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Quality and safety

Phrases around quality of care

The government has continued to emphasise quality and safety, aiming to foster a culture of continuous improvement and use 'intelligent transparency' to drive up standards.

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Primary care

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With improvements in primary care fundamental to meeting many of its election pledges, the government has proposed a 'new deal' which aims to improve patient access and expand the GP workforce.

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Seven-day services


Establishing a seven-day health service is a key priority for the new government but there are a number of issues to address before this ambition can become a reality.

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Mental health and learning disabilities

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Ministers have confirmed commitments made by the previous government, although there has so far been little evidence of new mental health policy initiatives.

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Public health

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Ministers and service leaders have emphasised the importance of prevention but a £200 million cut in the public health budget sends a worrying signal.

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Social care

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The decision to delay the implementation of the cap on care costs proposed by the Dilnot Commission breaks a Conservative manifesto pledge.

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Patient engagement

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The Secretary of State has stressed the role of patients, calling for a new 'social contract' between the public and health and care services.

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Leadership quotes

The emphasis on the importance of leadership in developing the right culture in NHS organisations suggests a move away from using external pressures to drive change towards supporting leaders and staff to improve care.

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The NHS five year forward view

NHS five year forward view document

The government has signalled strong support for the NHS five year forward view as new service models are being rolled out across the country.

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Regulation, targets and transparency

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The reliance on regulation to drive performance is set to continue but with some important changes and responsibilities streamlined.

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Julia Ross

Managing director care and health,
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23 August 2015
How it all fits together is key. We'd like to see health and social care working together for the benefit of all patients within one whole system, each initiative could back fire without strong data driven decision making.

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