Health and social care under the new government

The new government takes up office with the NHS facing its biggest challenges for many years, while pressures on social care are escalating. Here we present our priorities for the government and other selected commentary and analysis, as the new parliament gets underway.

From the blog

What have we learnt in the government’s first 100 days?
Chris Ham gives his assessment of the new government’s health policy.

Cuts to public health spending: the falsest of false economies
The Treasury has announced that the 2015/16 public health grant to local authorities will be reduced by £200 million.

Paying for care: back to square one?
The decision to delay reforms to social care funding demonstrates the apparent inability of successive governments to make headway on this issue.

No more inner Stalin: can Jeremy Hunt deliver his vision for the NHS?
What the Health Secretary had to say about his approach to reform is likely to be of great interest to leaders within the NHS.

The politics of NHS funding and taxation in the new parliament
If promised spending increases do not materialise soon, urgent action will be needed, says Chris Ham.

Re-directing the NHS supertanker?
Richard Murray aims to make sense of the blizzard of announcements coming from the Department of Health and national NHS organisations.

Event highlights

Jeremy Hunt sets out his vision for the NHS
Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary of State for Health, shares his 25-year vision for the NHS.

The first 100 days
Sarah Wollaston MP, Saffron Cordery and Nick Timmins discuss what the election result and the new government means for health and social care.