Housing, care and health infographics

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As part of a joint learning network on integrated housing, care and health, The King's Fund and the National Housing Federation have produced a set of slides illustrating the connections between housing, social care, health and wellbeing.

We hope they will be a useful resource for you – please feel free to use them in your office, in documents or presentations.


#546090 Mick Smith
Public Governor
West Suffolk Hospital FT

I like the idea of both the NHS and Housing Associations wanting to use community services to help vulnerable people... so, how much are you prepared to pay the Voluntary and Community Sector to provide this? Over the past 5+ years, funding for the sector has almost dried up and groups that used to provide this help are no longer around.

#546091 Stella Tsartsara
Consultant Integrated Care
South East Europe Healthcare

That is a very good question Mr Smith. In my similar research as it is primarily done in LMIC EU Regions I came up with the conclusion that this kind of investment cannot come from state subsidies. In fact not only for housing but for social care as well. For housing only private investment will work or a PPP. In social care I have my 2 cents here - https://ec.europa.eu/eip/ageing/commitments-tracker/b3/generate-change-i... - and soon to publish in a Journal.

#546125 Belinda Johnston
Our Special Friends

Please don't overlook the importance of animal companionship in your discussions. The proven health and social benefits of human-companion animal relationships which alleviate social isolation, create community cohesion can also save the nhs £2.5 billion according to recent figures by Prof Daniel Mills at Lincoln University. Our charity is supporting vulnerable relationships in collaboration with human health and social care and the veterinary profession ; bridging the gap between human and animal focused organisations. Let's have pet friendly policies and communities with enhanced subjective and objective wellbeing. The human-human interaction created also means that other welfare needs of both can be addressed. One Welfare needs these preventative health initiatives and the evidence is there. Please support our work and help us to make a real difference with our low cost intervention. It's glaringly obvious when you put pets into the equation too. Thank you for your consideration.

#546131 Pearl Baker
Independent Mental Health Advocate and Advisor/Carer/ Trust Governor

I have completed my own Report on the word 'integration' including Housing, unfortunately nothing is as 'GREAT' as you think, my Evidence based Report has confirmed that some Greedy, Owner/Providers are taking the Money, but delivery a very Poor, service.

I have campaigned like 'forever' for 'Supported unregulated accommodation' to be Protected from NEGLECT, by becoming Registered, however HA in the main are Registered Providers so should NOT be surprised if 'someone' takes their concerns to the Regulator?

Richard Murray has my Report, and does know the truth!

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