Integrated care collaborative programme for four communities

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About this work

Our integrated care collaborative programme focused on supporting communities to develop more integrated health and care services locally. We worked with leaders, clinicians and managers in four communities – Cornwall, East London, Norwich and Wigan; two of the communities – Cornwall and East London – were integrated care pioneers, while Norwich and Wigan both had ambitions to secure different models of health and care for their local populations.

What did we do in this project?

The Fund worked with these four communities for three years. A key part of the programme involved senior staff from across the Fund working on site with health and social care staff on issues that are important to them. We also brought participants into the Fund periodically to share their learning with one another and hear from experts on different aspects of integrated care.

The Fund supported the communities to capture and disseminate the learning from the development programme by writing articles and progress reports on the work being done and outlining key lessons for others.

As the programme evolved, its content and design were shaped in collaboration with the four communities to ensure its relevance to their needs.

Why were we interested in this project?

Care is too often fragmented rather than co-ordinated around people’s needs – and we believe that developing more integrated models of care for people with complex needs should be a priority for all health and social care staff.

The primary goal of the programme was to support transformational change within the four communities involved, and to gain a better understanding of how health and social care leaders tackle the challenges associated with making integrated care happen.

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